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Hannah Fox

Dental Hygiene

For Hannah Fox of LaHarpe, Illinois, there’s no edge quite like a professional edge.  Her experiences in Carl Sandburg College’s dental hygiene program have, in her own words, helped her to further hone that edge.
“This program is strict, but it does teach you the professionalism that is required of you once you start working out in the real world,” she said.
According to Fox, she chose Sandburg’s program not only because of her interest in the subject and her proximity to the school, but the opportunities it affords her to work closely with patients in exercising the lessons she has learned.
“I came to Sandburg because dental hygiene is something I’ve always been interested in,” she said. “This program allows us to participate in hands-on work and also gives us the chance to take classes specific to our profession.”
She elaborated on some of the topics to give a few examples.
“This semester we’re working on special needs,” she said, “adapting to each individual person’s needs and working with that, whether it’s changing our treatment plans or just making the patient comfortable.”
Fox, who plans to further her education by completing her bachelor’s degree and working in the area, said that she encourages others to enroll in the program, especially if they feel dental hygiene is the right fit for them.
“The instructor’s are good and very professional,” she said.  “I encourage anybody with interest in dental hygiene to get into this program.”