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Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity, Respect.

Student Life


Mission Statement

The Office of Student Life offers meaningful co-curricular experiences that complement the academic curriculum at Carl Sandburg College and in turn, provides an active and engaging campus environment.


Contact the Coordinator of Student Life today to see about starting your own movement. 309.341.5332


Student Life Events


The Office of Student Life offers a diverse calendar of events free to students throughout the academic year. Events include festivals, musicians, comedians, gaming competitions, intramurals and much more. Diversity education and community engagement opportunities are also presented throughout the year. Check the Student Activities Calendar for upcoming events!


Student Organizations

Student Organizations at Carl Sandburg College offer the opportunity to take your learning outside the classroom walls, gain new skills, build your professional resume and meet other students! Academic, recreational and special interest focused organizations can meet many interests. Visit the Student Organizations page for active student organizations or for steps to create your own.


Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the officially recognized student governance body for Carl Sandburg College. It is composed of 15 elected representatives and five executive officers. Executive officers are elected at large in the fall, except the Student Trustee who is elected in the spring.

2016-17 Student Success Guide


Student Success Guide/Handbook

The Carl Sandburg College Student Success Guide/Handbook is a one-stop publication that has all of the services and information for success at Sandburg available to you in one place. Use the Student Success Guide/Handbook to find out when your tuition is due, what student life events and organizations are available on campus and much more. The Student Success Guide/Handbook is an important resource in helping you become more familiar with the College and achieving the ultimate goal of obtaining a degree or certificate from Sandburg.