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Important things to know

Important things to know


Everyone at Carl Sandburg College is here to help you be successful in pursuing your goal of a college degree or certificate. Your FYS instructor is one of the many people that you can go to for help. You can also meet with your advisor, tutors or your instructors in other classes if you are struggling with course material or just need someone to talk with.


It is also important to check your Sandburg email account through my Sandburg, check the Sandburg website and read the weekly stall stories to know what is happening on campus.


When do I register for classes?

  • Registration for fall classes begin in April
  • Registration for Spring, Pre-Summer, & Summer classes begins in October


How do I register for classes?

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with your counselor/advisor in Student Services 309.341.5237


Can I change my schedule?

  • Yes!  You can make changes in your schedule any time before classes begin.  Once a semester begins, you need instructor permission to add a course.


Who should I see if I’m having a really bad day?

  • Stop by to see your counselor/advisor to discuss your concerns


When & how do I get my grades?

  • You will be able to access your grades online approximately two days after finals are over (will vary based on the schedule)
  • Grades are NOT sent to you in the mail, you must go online to and log into mySandburg to access your final semester grades


When do I apply for financial aid?

  • Apply once a year after your and your parents’ income taxes are filed. (Filing in February is preferred)
  • Don’t wait until summer…you may not get your paperwork processed in time for the fall semester!


What is financial aid used for?

  • Sandburg will apply your financial aid award toward the cost of your tuition, fees and books.


What happens to the extra financial aid I have after it pays for my tuition, fees, and books?

  • If you receive the MAP award, that money can only be used for tuition
  • If you receive the Pell award or other scholarships, you will receive a check after the 3rd week of classes for the remaining amount after your charges are paid. You can use that money for living expenses such as rent, utilities, transportation, daycare, etc.


When can I charge my books?

  • Once your financial aid is in place, you can charge your books to your account 48 hours after you have registered for classes or made any changes to your schedule.


When do I need my parent’s information to file for financial aid?

  • If you are under the age of 24, not married, have no children, and are not a veteran, you will need your parent’s tax information…even if you don’t live in their home.


How do I stay eligible for financial aid?

  • Keep your GPA above a 2.0
  • Keep your completion rate above 67%.  (You must complete at least 67% of the classes you enroll in.)


Do I have to be full-time to receive financial aid?
• No, you can receive financial aid if you are not full-time.
• However, financial aid is based on your enrollment status. (If you are ¾ time, you will not receive the entire amount.)


What is full-time status?

  • Full-time status is enrolling in 12 semester hours or more
  • Three- quarter time status is enrolling in 7-11 semester hours
  • Half-time status is enrolling in 6 semester hours
  • Less than half-time status is enrolling in 5 semester hours or less


Will I have to pay back my financial aid if I drop one class?

  • No.  You only pay back financial aid if you drop all of your classes for the semester or stop going to classes before the 11th week of the semester.


How do I get extra help in my classes?

  • Stop by the Tutoring Center located in B72. Tutors are available on a drop in basis for a variety of subjects regardless of your grade.

What do I do if I failed my first quiz/test?

  • Contact your instructor and ask for assistance.
  • Stop by the Tutoring Center for assistance.


What happens if I get a midterm warning?

  • Midterm warnings are sent to your student email account.  This is your “wake up” call that you are doing poorly in the course.  This does NOT show up on your transcript.
  • Talk with your instructor to find out what else you can do or for assistance in understanding the material and course assignments.


What happens if I stop attending class?

  • Do NOT do this!
  • YOU must officially withdraw. An instructor may drop you if you do not attend but some may not!
  • If you do not drop the course, you will receive an F on your transcript.