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How to obtain an order of protection


How to obtain an order of protection


Carl Sandburg College Department of Public Safety will honor orders of protection, no contact orders, restraining orders, or similar lawful orders issued by a criminal, civil or tribal court. Please bring a copy of the order to the Department of Public Safety on the Galesburg campus in D209. On the Bushnell and Carthage locations, please contact the Student Services office.


To get an order of protection, you have several options. You can contact the state or district attorney or inform the police that you wish to apply for an order of protection. You can also go to the county in which you or your abuser resides and ask the Court Clerk for order of protection forms. Emergency orders become effective immediately upon a judge signing the papers.


After the paperwork is filed, a hearing date will be set (typically within 14 days) and you will be required to appear in court on that day. The hearing may take place in family court or criminal court. The judge will ask you to prove that you have experienced abuse or been threatened with violence. Witnesses, police reports, hospital and physician reports and evidence of physical abuse or assault are often necessary to convince the judge to issue an order of protection.