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How to file a report


How do you report sexual assault, domestic or dating violence or stalking?


If you have been sexually assaulted or injured in any way, you should seek medical treatment immediately regardless of whether you report the matter to police.


If on campus, immediately call the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 309.341.5499 or 911 for the local police and emergency medical services.

If off campus or at an off campus site, call 911 for emergency services.


If the victim chooses, the Department of Public Safety can assist in contacting the law enforcement authorities. Consider seeking assistance from the sexual assault crisis center in your area; see the Victim Assistance Agencies below.

The student does have the right to decline notification of authorities.


Reporting options:

Electronically: You may report an act of sexual violence electronically by filling out this form: Report Form


Third party: A third party or bystander may report acts of sexual violence to Sandburg’s Department of Public Safety, electronically by filling out this Report Form, or by contacting any of the departments listed below.


In person: Victims, third parties and bystanders can make a report of sexual violence and violations to Sandburg’s policy in person to any of the staff or departments listed below.


Sandburg employees that are considered Campus Security Authorities (CSA) are individuals that are required to report allegations of sexual assault and violations to Sandburg’s policy against sexual violence. These individuals may ensure the privacy of the victim and can keep the victim’s name and personal information confidential. Communications between the victim and the CSA may also remain confidential.



Contact person

Contact information

Office Location

Director of Public Safety

Kip Canfield


Galesburg D201A

Title IX Coordinator

Rick Eddy


Galesburg E113

Confidential advisors

Amy Burford


Galesburg E129

Ellen Henderson-Gasser



Vicki McMullin


Galesburg E116

Dan Yasenko


Galesburg E114

Academic Advisors

Nate Friberg


Galesburg E105

Heather Hillhouse


Galesburg E100

Jennifer Holmes


Galesburg E115

Megan Jones


Galesburg E117

Misty Lyon


Galesburg E112

Autumn Scott


Galesburg E131

Jeani Talbott


Galesburg E100

Student Life Coordinator

Genny Stevens


Galesburg B56


Mike Bailey


Galesburg F121

Rodney Blue


Galesburg D201

Kevin Mahlan


Galesburg F139

Jake Tenhouse


Galesburg B24

Ryan Twaddle


Galesburg F139

Todd Winkler


Galesburg F121

Assistant Coaches – no office phone available






Sarah Baker

Galesburg F121

Spencer Cochrane

Galesburg D201

Gail Hannam

Galesburg E233

Kokou Kaho

Galesburg F139

Katie King

Galesburg F121

Jon Kupfert

Galesburg B24

Jeremy Pickerel

Galesburg B24

Chad Scott

Galesburg B24

Mitch Wendling

Galesburg F139

Public Safety          officers







Dean Blust


Galesburg D201

Michael Christensen


Galesburg D201

Donna Damitz


Galesburg D201

Todd Dennison


Galesburg D201

Chelvis Jordan


Galesburg D201

John Lambert


Galesburg D201

John Neville


Galesburg D201

David Olin


Galesburg D201

Terrance Pendleton


Galesburg D201

Dyson Shannon


Galesburg D201

Student Club Advisors

















Amber Fox


Galesburg B18

James Hutchings


Galesburg C108

Dave Kellogg


Galesburg A015

Barb Kirchgessner


Galesburg Annex

Stacy Kosier


Galesburg Annex

Tim Krause


Galesburg H113

Anthony Law


Galesburg B28

Mary Pence


Galesburg A109

Kylie Price


Galesburg C118

Lara Roemer


Galesburg A005

Jamie Schave


Galesburg CME111

Susan Sharp


Galesburg F101

Chris Shaw


Galesburg E102

Genny Stevens


Galesburg B56

Christina Stone


Galesburg A105

Lisa Walker


Galesburg F101

Jackie Whipple


Galesburg C223



If You Are The Victim of a Sexual Assault:

  • Be aware of your own capabilities and limitations. Your judgment and thinking will be your best weapons. Evaluate the situation for possible avenues of escape.
  • Your first concern should be for your personal safety and survival. Use your judgment to do what is necessary to save your life. That may mean making a scene by drawing attention to yourself so that the assailant leaves. It may mean fighting back. It may mean not resisting physically.
  • If you choose not to resist the attack physically, it does not mean that you have asked to be sexually assaulted. It means that you did what was needed to survive.
  • Remember, there are several “right” ways to respond. The person being attacked is the best judge of which options will work in that situation.
  • Take notice of the characteristics of your assailant, the person’s habits, surroundings, contacts, speech and mannerisms. This could enable you to deal with the assailant and perhaps talk your way out of a rape situation or provide a means of escape. Also, this information is invaluable for the police in trying to apprehend the criminal.
  • Get to a safe place as soon as you can.
  • It is critical to preserve all physical evidence. DO NOT bathe, shower, douche, use the toilet, eat, drink or smoke. DO NOT change clothing. DO NOT touch anything the suspect may have touched, DO NOT chase the suspect.
  • The responding DPS officer or administrator will assist with protection, first aid, counseling referrals, and notifying local law enforcement agencies when requested to do so by the victim. It is important that the victim receive medical attention immediately following the incident. The responding DPS officer or administrator will assist the victim as needed.
  • The DPS will coordinate with the Sandburg Counseling Services utilizing the approved protocols. When a victim notifies the DPS of a sexual assault, the local police or sheriff’s office will not be notified without the victim’s consent. The victim may want to talk with a trained counselor or have a counselor present during police and medical proceedings. The DPS and/or Counseling Services will assist the victim by explaining available options, to include notifying local law enforcement, and they will assist the victim in notifying local law enforcement, upon request.


Male Victims:

While most victims of sexual assault are women, some men are also victims. Male victims will receive the same services as women. Emotional support, optional counseling, legal advocacy and medical treatment are available to assist all those recovering from sexual assault.


Local Hospitals:

Galesburg Medical Facilities                                                        
Galesburg Cottage Hospital
695 N Kellogg St
Galesburg, IL 61401


OSF St Mary Medical Center
3333 N Seminary St
Galesburg, IL 61401


Monmouth Medical Facilities

OSF Holy Family Medical Center
1000 W Harlem Ave
Monmouth, IL 61462


Macomb Medical Facilities

McDonough District Hospital
525 East Grant St
Macomb, IL 61455


Carthage Medical Facilities

Memorial Hospital
1454 North County Road 2050
Carthage, IL 62321


Victims Assistance Agencies:

Victims are encouraged to report a sexual assault to the Sandburg Department of Public Safety. However, if the victim does not want to file a report, there are resources available, which include:


Sandburg Counseling Services: Galesburg campus E100 309.341.5237 Bushnell campus 309.772.2177 Carthage campus 217.357.3129 ext. 7247

Bridgeway Inc.: 2323 Windish Dr. Galesburg, IL 61401 309.344.2323

Advanced Behavioral Health: 2101 Windish Dr. Galesburg, IL 61401 309.342.6852

Galesburg Public Library: Provides material for dealing with abuse, including books and
legal resources. Free Internet access is available. 309.343.6118.

Knox County Child Advocacy: Child Advocacy Center- Providing services to child victims of sexual abuse and serious physical abuse cases in Knox, Warren and Henderson Counties. 309.344.8416.

Knox County State’s Attorney Victim Advocate: Provides emotional support, court advocacy, service referrals, case status updates and scheduling info for victims or survivors of violent crimes once the criminal case has been filed. 309.345.3886.

Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center 24-Hour Crisis Line: Provides confidential help to individuals who are experiencing violence in their relationships through court advocacy, a 24 hour crisis line, emergency safe house, counseling, food and clothing and referral services. Walk-ins welcome. 1188 W. Main St., Galesburg. 309.343.SAFE (7233).

Victim Services 24-Hour Crisis Line: All services are free and confidential. Services in Knox County are for sexual abuse/assault survivors only. Crisis intervention, legal advocacy and follow-up counseling services. 309.837.5555

Hancock County Mental Health: 357-3176 (Carthage)

WIRC-CAA Victim Services: 837-3941 Crisis line: 309.837.555 (Macomb)