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Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Boxes


Emergency Call Boxes
The College has 26 Blue Light Emergency Call Boxes located across the Campus. If you need assistance or have an emergency you may reach security by going to any of the emergency call boxes located inside and outside our campus, pressing the button and stating your location and the nature of the call. The Dispatch/Public Safety Operator will then dispatch a Carl Sandburg Public Safety officer to respond or contact the Galesburg Public Safety Dispatcher based on the nature of the call.


Inside Emergency Call Boxes  Outside Emergency Call Boxes
Inside Emergency Phone Outside Emergency Phones


EP Number Phone Location
EP-1 Outside of the G building
EP-2 Outside of the Childcare Parking Lot
EP-3 Lower "A" Building College Prep. Center back hallway
EP-4 Upper "A" Building Classrooms by front doors
EP-5 Outside of the NE Corner "A" Bld. by parking lot
EP-6 Outside Lakeside B Bld.
EP-7 North Corridor B Bld
EP-8 South Lobby B Bld. By Cyber Café
EP-9 Outside B SW "A" Parking Lot by Bookstore
EP-10 Outside West End of "B" Parking Lot
EP-11 Outside Middle of "C" Parking Lot
EP-12 Outside Circle Dr. Main Entrance
EP-13 Outside NW Corner "E/F" Parking lot
EP-14 Main Lobby "F" Building/Gym
EP-15 Outside E & F Connector
EP-16 Across from Loft Cafe by west door to patio
EP-17 "D" Lobby by Men's Restroom
EP-18 Lower "C" Hallway
EP-19 Elevator-Main Lobby D bld.
EP-20 East Lobby of C at top of the steps
EP-21 On the wall outside of the Personnel Office
EP-22 H building inside hallway
EP-23 AA building Allied center hallway
EP-24 Rear E building Hall Elevator
EP-25 Annex Elevator
EP-26 Baseball Field main campus