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Campus Accessibility

Reserved Parking

Campus Accessibility


Carl Sandburg College strives to be a place that is open and accessible to students with disabilities. Below is an overview of the various tools and services we provide to make our campuses accessible.


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Campus Accessibility

Our Galesburg and Carthage campuses were designed with physical accessibility in mind, so that students, staff, and guests who are wheelchair-bound or who have impaired mobility can move from one end of campus to the other with limited or no assistance. Our accessible design features include:

  • Reserved parking near building entrances
  • Curb cuts for wheelchair users
  • Push-button door openers for those who have difficulty opening doors
  • Ramp paths and elevators as alternatives to stairs
  • Braille room identifiers on all classroom and office door placards
  • Accessible software and technology via the Assistive Technology Lab and the Library [Galesburg campus]


Accessibility for Online Learners

Carl Sandburg College strives for a fully-accessible online environment for students, whether students are taking only online classes or they have strong online components to face-to-face classes. Our ongoing efforts to ensure the accessibility of our online courses include:

  • Using Moodle, an accessible LMS software, as the college's official LMS
  • Ensuring that vendors for other course software provide a VPAT to certify the software's accessibility for screen readers, magnifiers, and other assistive technology
  • Consistently checking and improving our college webpage to align with W3C accessibility standards
  • Working toward ensuring all audiovisual content provided for students online is alternatively captioned or transcribed
  • Providing accommodations through Academic Support Services on request for situations where materials are not already accessible, or where such accommodations are required to alter content on an individual basis for students in need


The Academic Support Office

The Academic Support Office (located on the Galesburg campus) coordinates accommodations for students who encounter accessibility barriers in the classroom. Accommodations can be made for a variety of disabilities, from ADHD and intellectual disabilities to wheelchair-accessible desks in classrooms. For more information on requesting accommodations and how the accommodation process works at Carl Sandburg College, see our Information for New and Prospective Students and Student Rights to Accommodation. Students who attend at the Carthage campus or who are enrolled in dual-credit courses still need to contact the Academic Support office in Galesburg to arrange for accommodations (please see the Disability Support page and the aforementioned links for requesting accommodations for more information). Students who are taking online classes should see our section on accommodating distance students on our Information for New and Prospective Students page.


The Academic Support Office is located in the Building B Crist Student Center, Room B64, Galesburg campus.


The Assistive Technology Lab

Students requiring various assistive technologies or who are receiving testing accommodations may make use of the resources available in the Assistive Technology Lab, located next door to the Academic Support Office, Room B68, Galesburg campus. In addition to serving as a private testing center, the Assistive Technology Lab offers the following:

  • Adjustable-height work desks to accommodate students in wheelchairs
  • Stationary document magnifier
  • Computers with various assistive software installed, including:
    • Software-based document magnifiers
    • Screen magnifier and contraster
    • Voice-to-text software
    • Screen reading software
  • Visual math and drawing aids for blind students
  • Daisy document readers for loan
  • Accessibility-enabled iPads for loan
  • Voice recorders for loan


The Library's Accessible Workstation

The Carl Sandburg College Library on the Galesburg campus provides an accessible workstation for students with disabilities. The workstation is designed to accommodate a wide range of disabilities via a variety of computer interface options. The workstation includes:

  • An alternative full-grip mouse for students who have difficulty with standard mice
  • An alternative large-key keyboard for students with visual and motor impairments
  • Adjusted-height desk to accommodate power wheelchairs
  • A large-screen, touch-input monitor with large print enabled
  • Windows 8 accessibility features available
  • Text-to-speech and voice-to-text software installed


The Accessibility Team

The Accessibility Team, consisting of staff from the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (FTLC), Academic Support Services, Information Technology, and college administration, meets regularly to assess campus accessibility and to develop and implement accessibility policies. Currently, the Accessibility Team is making strides toward full accessibility of course content in both the face-to-face and online classroom environments. Emphases include the captioning and transcription of audiovisual material and proper formatting of text documents for readability with a screen reader.