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Advisors FAQs

Advisors FAQs


How do I add a class?

You can add a course to your schedule without permission from the instructor until the class has met for the first time. Once a class has met however, you must get instructor permission to add the class.


Speak with your advisor to make sure the class meets your degree requirements. If it does and you want to add the class, get a Class Schedule Change form from your advisor with the class, course number and section to be added along with the advisor’s signature. You then need to speak with the instructor and obtain their signature on the form. Return this form to your advisor and they can add the class to your schedule.


How do I contact my instructors?

Communication with your instructors is critical to your academic success.  When should you contact your instructors?

  • When you have a course-related question (i.e. how an assignment should be completed, when an assignment is due, or a course concept you don’t understand).  First, try to find the answer in your syllabus, your textbook, a classmate or the Tutoring Center.  If you can’t find the answer you need, contact your instructor.
  • When an issue arises that your instructor should be aware of (i.e. a day that you will need to miss class, a technology issue that prevents you from submitting an assignment, an issue that is impeding your success in the class) you should contact your instructor as soon as possible.

There are a number of ways to contact your instructor:

  • Ask to talk to him or her before or after class. 
  • Ask to set up an appointment in his or her office.
  • Email or call your instructor. Usually, you can find your instructor’s email address and phone number on the course syllabus or on the Sandburg  online faculty directory:


What do I do if my class is not going well?

  • Don’t give up!
  • Stop by the Tutoring Center located in B72. Tutors are available on a drop-in basis for a variety of subjects regardless of your grade. For more info, visit
  • Contact your instructor and ask for assistance.  Find out what else you can do to better understand the material and course assignments.
  • Talk to your advisor. In some cases, it may be best to drop the course but there are important deadlines, degree requirements and financial aid implications that you will need to discuss with your advisor before you make this decision. Your advisor may also help you locate other resources to help you succeed in the class. To make an appointment, contact the Student Services Office at 309-341-5237. TRIO SSS students should contact the TRIO Office at 309-341-5362.
  • Don’t stop attending class! If you do not officially withdraw from the course, you will receive an F on your transcript. This impacts your GPA and could impact your financial aid.


Can my instructor drop me from my class?

Yes. If you are not routinely attending your class or doing the work, your instructor can drop you at midterm. However, do not assume the instructor will drop you if you are not attending the course. If you need to drop a class, you must contact your advisor and officially withdraw from the course.

How do I drop a class?

  • You can drop a course before a semester starts without seeing an advisor however, it would be better to speak with them to make sure you are not dropping a course that you need.
  • Once the 9th day of the semester has passed (100% refund period), you must contact an advisor to drop a course. You cannot do this online. In person, phone or Skype appointments are available.

How do I check my grades?

Sandburg does not mail a copy of your grades after the semester is completed. You must go online to check your grades.


Log in to mySandburg and click on the My Classes link under the Self Service tab. Then click on “View my grades/transcript”

How do I order a transcript?

If you need an official copy of your transcript, you may request one through the admissions & records office. Click on this link to the transcript page to find out how to request a transcript.