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Academic Advising for Online Learners

Academic advising for online learners


If you are an online learner and cannot come to campus, we can assist you in completing your steps to enroll by phone, email or Skype. Students attending Carl Sandburg College who complete the follow steps and who score above an 8th grade level in the reading assessment are welcome to enroll in our open enrollment programs. Additional admissions requirements are applicable in our various limited enrollment programs and are indicated in the program pages on the website.

Follow the Steps to Enroll for all students.


Registering for classes


All Sandburg students must correspond with their assigned academic advisor to complete any registration transaction. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways include in-person, phone or Skype appointments as well as email correspondence through our Student Planner software.


Registration for fall semester is typically open the first week of April and concludes at the end of July with the first two weeks in August deemed as last minute registration. Registration for spring and summer registration is typically open the first week of November ending before the college closes for winter break with the weeks in January prior to the start of the term deemed as last minute registration. Please check the calendar for the specific dates.

Registration for classes in an interactive process between you and your academic advisor. Your advisor will assist you in selecting the courses you need to complete your chosen program of study. If you receive financial aid, you will not be allowed to take classes outside of your program requirements and use financial aid to pay the tuition for these classes.


Student Planner is a free and user-friendly software program that allows you to plan out your future classes to help ensure that you complete your degree or certificate efficiently. Schedule an appointment with your advisor so together you can work through this program to better understand your courses and establish your academic plan. Once you’ve built this plan, your advisor can approve your classes and permit you to register online.


Our advising staff

Our advisors are available to online learners through in-person, phone or Skype appointments as well as through email. Our advising staff also offer evening appointments on Monday and Tuesday nights or other times by appointment.


Adding a course to your schedule can be done with approval from your academic advisor. Approval can be granted either over the phone, in person or through the Student Planner software. You may not add a course online without prior approval.

You can add a course to your schedule without permission from the instructor until the class has met for the first time. Once a class has met however, you must get instructor permission to add the class.


Dropping a course cannot be done online. You must have approval from your academic advisor to drop a course and this can be granted either over the phone, in person or via Skype. You do not need an instructor’s approval to drop a course.

If you drop a course after the 100% refund period has passed, you will not receive any refund for the amount of your tuition and fees. If you drop all of your courses for a semester, you may be in repayment for financial aid.

If you drop a class, it may affect your eligibility for financial aid so it’s always better to speak with an advisor early if you begin to have problems with a class. Do not wait until you have missed too much in the class because then your options are extremely limited.


Can my instructor drop me from my class? Yes. If you are not routinely logging in to your online class or doing the work, your instructor can drop you at midterm. However, do not assume the instructor will drop you if you are not going to complete the course. If you need to drop a class, you must contact your advisor and officially withdraw from the course.


Transferring to another college or university

Your academic advisor can assist you in exploring your options of transferring to a college or university. Please follow this link to explore the articulation guides with other Illinois colleges and universities.


How do you stay connected?

Sandburg sends out all student communication through e-mail located on the mySANDBURG portal. Students can also keep up to date with activities on campus through our social media (insert buttons)