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Tuition and Paying Your Balance Due

Tuition and Paying Your Balance Due


You may obtain your balance due online. We recommend that you monitor your account through mySANDBURG following changes in enrollment or financial aid. Please choose 'Tuition and Fees' link to the left for more information.  

Failure to pay your tuition balance in full by the tuition deadline may result in being dropped from your classes. Payment for classes added after the tuition deadline is due at the time of enrollment.


Tuition Deadlines will be posted on our Website and around campus.  We will send out bills and phone calls at least two weeks prior to the tuition deadline.  You can make one or multiple payments to the Business Office as long as your tuition is paid in full by the tuition deadline.  Failure to pay your tuition balance in full by the tuition deadline may result in being dropped from your classes.  Payment for classes added after the tuition deadline is due at the time of enrollment.


IMPORTANT!   Non-attendance the first four (4) days of semester/class will result in the class/classes being dropped from the student's schedule.  You may re-register for these classes (if they are available and with the instructor's permission).  Please see the Registration Office for the add/drop form.


Please see Carl Sandburg College's refund schedule to determine if you are eligible for a refund.



Paying Using Financial Aid
The Business Office will automatically deduct incurred costs (tuition, fees, lab costs and other authorized charges such as books, supplies, etc.) out of the financial aid that is credited to your account. Any remaining financial aid is refunded to you once attendance is reviewed. Refunds are sent via paper check unless you choose the electronic fund transfer on mySANDBURG. Refund options are as follows:

  • Electronic fund transfer to your personal bank account (approximately 3-5 business days after the refund on your student account)
  • Paper check mailed to your local or permanent address (allow 7-10 business days after the refund on your student account). It is important that you keep your address records up to date.


Private scholarship checks received by the college will be split into two semesters and directly applied to your student account unless otherwise specified by the scholarship donor. When the Financial Aid Office is notified, it will be listed as part of your aid package as an outside scholarship.


Deferred Payment Plan
To help you meet your educational expenses, Carl Sandburg College is pleased to offer a tuition payment plan. To enroll for the payment plan, choose the deferred payment plan on mySANDBURG. This tuition payment plan allows you to spread your payments over two, three, four or five payments. You need to start early. For more information click here.


Online Payments
Pay online with a debit or credit card. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Visit your mySANDBURG account on our website to make a debit or credit card payment.


Payments by Phone
Call 309.341.5210 to pay with a debit or credit card over the phone. There is no fee for this service.


Payments by Mail
Always write your name and student I.D. number on your check. The mailing address is:
Carl Sandburg College
Business Office
2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd., Galesburg, IL 61401


Payments in Person
Pay in person at the Business Office with a check, money order, cash or debit/credit card.


Third-Party Payments
Third-party payments are when an outside entity is paying for your tuition and possibly books. Examples of third-party payments are WIA, DORS, College Illinois and your place of employment. An authorization on company letterhead must be submitted to the Business Office by the tuition deadline. If you are in the National Guard or have IVG, please contact or set up an appointment with Chris Shaw in the Financial Aid Office at 309.341.5283 or contact the Financial Aid Office in order to have the grant applied to your tuition.


Parent Access to Financial Aid and Billing

Sandburg offers students the opportunity to add one or more authorized users to the student account for financial aid and billing purposes.  The authorized user is called a Proxy.  The student controls what the user can access.  To set up a proxy to act on your behalf, follow the instructions on the link below.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 309.341.5260.

Proxy Setup Instructions


Financial Aid
Carl Sandburg College participates in federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs to assist students.  Financial aid is available in the forms of grants, loans, scholarships and work study. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (309) 341-5283 for more information. If you receive financial aid, please check your mySANDBURG account to verify that the aid is processed by the tuition deadline.  If aid is not processed by the tuition deadline, you are responsible to pay your tuition in full or go on the deferred payment plan.


Other Options

You can always start paying earlier than the deadline date and pay the remaining balance due using the deferred payment plan.