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Financial Aid & Scholarships


Carl Sandburg College is committed to providing an affordable opportunity for higher education. Whether you intend to pursue an occupational or a transfer program, Sandburg offers quality educational programs at the right price. 

The chart below depicts the average yearly cost for tuition and fees by institutional type. As you can see, Sandburg is the cost effective choice in comparison. Even after adding course and program-specific fees and textbooks, the average student still pays less than half the amount charged to a student at a public 4-year institution of higher education.  




Source 2015 Sandburg tuition based on average enrollment of 15 credits compared to average costs per ISAC Data Book. Click here to view


Although Sandburg is affordably priced, the College participates in federal grant and loan programs, state grant programs, tuition adjustments, and offers its own talent grants and scholarships.  For the 2014-15 academic year, 80.4 percent of the student population shared $6.5 million in grants and scholarships and $657,000 in loans.

Sandburg is proud to say that seven out of ten of our graduates complete their program without student loans. The majority of students who have completed an occupational program enter the workforce knowing their future income will not be burdened by student loan debt.  Likewise, students who complete a transfer degree at Sandburg and continue to a four-year university pay significantly less tuition and graduate with a fraction of the debt of students who start at a four-year university.