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Not all programs/courses qualify for financial assistance. Pell, FSEOG, MAP, Federal Direct Loans and FWS cannot be used for enrollment in cosmetology teacher, noncredit courses and audited courses.


Determining Your Financial Aid Enrollment Status:
The amount of your aid eligibility is determined based on the number of hours in which you are enrolled as of the ninth calendar day of the semester. If you add classes after the ninth day, your bill may be increased; however, your aid will remain the same. If you drop classes after the ninth day, your aid will not be adjusted unless you totally withdraw and are subject to the refund policy. There are some exceptions to these general rules for students who are enrolled in courses that only meet for part of the semester (such as eight-week courses) that start after the ninth day of classes.


Federal Pell Grant: To receive the full-time award, the student must be enrolled in 12 or more credit hours. Partial awards may be prorated as follows:

    9-11.5 credits — 75 percent
    6-8.5 credits — 50 percent
    1-5.5 credits — 25 percent


ISAC MAP Grant: You must be enrolled for at least 15 credit hours in a semester to receive the full amount of the MAP Grant awarded.   If you are enrolled less than 15 credits the award is prorated as follows:  Award ÷ 15 x credits enrolled.   This award may only be applied to tuition and the registration fee.


Due to the ongoing uncertainty of State funding, IL MAP Grants will be applied to student accounts once payment is received from the State.  


Federal Direct Loans: You must be enrolled for six or more credit hours to receive loans. The loan amount is calculated at the time the loan is requested and prior to disbursement. The actual loan amount will be determined using a recalculated budget based on the student's actual enrollment and awards. 


Important Information for Carl Sandburg Financial Aid Applicants:
Financial aid will be awarded once all documents have been received and reviewed and the student is deemed eligible. Documents submitted become the property of the Financial Aid Office and will not be returned.


Release of Financial Assistance Information to Another Agency:
You must complete and sign a Financial Aid Information Release form for current school year before any information will be released to another agency, parent or spouse. On the release form, you must indicate for which semester(s) you want the financial assistance information released. You must allow 10 days for this processing. Information regarding fees and bookstore charges must be obtained from the Business Office. Your signature on a loan application authorizes Carl Sandburg College to release to the lending institution, subsequent holder, the guarantor, U.S. Department of Education or the agents, any requested information pertinent to your student loan(s).