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Educational Plans

Educational Plans


Carl Sandburg College is dedicated to support students who are receiving military and veterans’ educational benefits.
Sandburg will provide individuals who are receiving these benefits with a degree evaluation through email and in print when requested which includes:

  • The total number of credits needed for graduation
  • The courses needed to complete the program


The educational plan will be provided within 60 days after the student has met with their assigned academic advisor to register for the first semester of classes and all required official transcripts have been received by the institution.

Graduation requirements for each program will be included in the course catalog. Overall graduation requirements can be found at Graduation Information.


Academic Advising

All students who receive military and veterans’ educational benefits will have an assigned academic advisor who specializes in the students’ chosen degree or certificate program. Each student must meet or speak with their advisor prior to registration for courses each semester. This can be accomplished through a personal appointment, phone or video appointment.

In compliance with federal law, students who receive military and veterans’ educational benefits are invited to register for classes during the pre-registration time two weeks prior to registration opening to the student body. Students eligible for this benefit will receive a letter informing them of the dates they can register and advising them to identify themselves as a student receiving military or veteran's benefits when making the appointment. This benefit does not apply to family members receiving veteran's benefits.