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Physical Plant

Physical Plant


Datatel Work order procedures

  • Log onto the Sandburg Home Page.
  • Click My Sandburg.
  • Login with your password
  • Find the WebAdvisor tab, click and then click on work orders to open document.
  • Add Requestor E-mail address/contact email information.
  • Confirmation email if you would like a copy of your work order sent to you by email.
  • Fill in Department, Building (location).
  • Priority level (immediate/emergency work orders please see below).
  • The Order date remains unchanged "click submit".
  • Enter Work Order description in brief detail without extra spacing or separation of details in work order description box it has to be a continuous flow for Datatel to process properly.
  • Set dates for events/requests would be added at this time "click submit".
  • Work order confirmation will appear on the screen.
  • Click home to return to main menu screen of mySandburg.


Procedures for Immediate/Emergency Work Orders
If a situation arises that would require the submission of an Immediate/Emergency work order to the Maintenance Dept. CALL Ellen McDowell in Physical Plant (or another live contact) and/or go through Security and ensure that your message is clear about the emergency work order. DO NOT SEND EMAILS OR LEAVE VOICE MAIL FOR THESE TYPES OF WORK ORDERS.


After this phone contact, please with an electronically submitted work order through the Datatel via WebAdvisor to create an electronic "paper trail" of the request as well. Don´t forget to mark the emergency work order priority as "Immediate". It is also recommended that you should note on the Datatel/WebAdvisor Work order the time you called in the request and who you spoke to in the event questions come up later about who might have been contacted (include this in the description of work to be done on the second page of the work order form). Finally, these types of incidents should be rare, but do occur and it is important this procedure is followed to ensure proper follow up.