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College Fleet


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Carl Sandburg College has (4)- fifteen passenger shuttles, and  (2)- 7 passenger minivans for reservation.  These vehicles are used for athletic events, field trips, meetings, etc.  The minimum number of riders required before a vehicle may be reserved is 4.  Only Carl Sandburg College Faculty or Staff are allowed to drive the vehicle.  A valid driver's license is required.  Seat belts must be worn at all times.  Cell phones must be used with a hands free device.  No texting or emailing with cell phone is permitted while driving.


Vehicle reservations are made thru "Astra" scheduling.  Please click the Fleet Vehicle Reservation link above.  Vehicles are always reserved on a first come first serve basis.  If there are any conflicts, the College reserves the right to decide which event comes first based on the needs of the College.  If all vehicles are reserved,  a rental car can be reserved by calling the administrative assistant in Business Services at 341-5235.  A 7 day notice is required prior to renting a vehicle thru Enterprise. 


After receiving confirmation from "Astra", the keys and trip log may be picked up for the vehicle no earlier than 8 hours prior to departure. 


Please contact Public Safety upon your return to campus.  The keys and trip log must be returned back into Public Safety.  Please check vehicle for belongings, and ensure all trash is removed from the vehicle.


Never assume the vehicle is available for more than the time reserved.  Reservations are often booked close together.  If a problem arises, and you are unable to return by the time allotted, please contact Public Safety immediately so that other arrangements may be made if possible.