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Ways to Give

Ways to Give


Cash/Check Donations
The most popular and easiest way to make a donation to the Sandburg Foundation is by cash or check. The Foundation will gladly accept cash gifts. We DO NOT recommend, however, that you mail cash via any postal service or courier. To make a donation using cash, bring it directly to any of our campuses during regular business hours. A staff member will issue you a receipt while you wait.


When paying by check, regardless of the designation of your donation, the check should be made payable to: Sandburg Foundation. For example, if you want to make a gift to the Allied Health Division for a dental hygiene program scholarship, or to the Industrial Division for the Center for Manufacturing Excellence Building Fund, simply make your check payable to "Sandburg Foundation". Then, in the "memo" section of your check (lower left corner) write in the area or designation of your gift. Or, if you prefer, include a quick note telling us how to designate your gift. Then, mail your donation to:


Sandburg Foundation
2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd.
Galesburg, IL 61401


If you have questions, contact the Sandburg Foundation at (309) 341-5327 or by e-mail.


Donations of Stock
Public Companies Stocks, an increasingly popular form of giving, credits the donee at the stocks appreciated value. If your stock is held at a brokerage firm, notify your broker that you wish to make a gift of securities to the Carl Sandburg College Foundation. Your broker will need written instructions from you before they can make the transfer. Include the name of the stock to transfer, the number of shares, and how you would like your gift designated. Once your broker receives your instructions he/she can contact the Foundation at (309) 341-5327 or e-mail us for further instructions.


Personal Property or Real Estate
Carl Sandburg College gladly accepts gifts of tangible personal property that the College would otherwise need to purchase, or that further the endeavors of the College's educational community. While the College is grateful for every donor's intent to give, some personal property donations must be approved by the Foundation. We will give you instructions on how to make your gift and/or if the gift will need prior approval.


Matching Gifts
Double, or even triple, your gift to Carl Sandburg College by having your employer match your donation!  Thousands of companies offer to match their employee's charitable contributions. Some require forms to be completed by the employee, others have automated programs that only require a phone call.


Most corporations have guidelines that the non-profit organization and employee must meet before a donation can be matched. Your company's Personnel or Human Resources Department can give you more information about their program and should also have the proper forms to complete.


Web technology is making it easy for donors to find out if their employer has a matching gift program. Through a website made possible by a company called HEP Development, you can go to to learn if your company matches charitable gifts. On the right hand side of the page click on the button "Free Look Up of Matching Gift Companies" and then type in the name of your employer for an immediate answer. The software is fairly sensitive and the most accurate method of determining your company's participation is to talk with your human resources office. If the company does match your gift, this office will have the appropriate form for you to submit with your gift to the Sandburg Foundation. Mail your form, along with your contribution, to the Sandburg Foundation. We will process your gift and return the form to your employer.


Deferred Gifts
The Carl Sandburg College Foundation has been the recipient of bequests, both large and small, from many alumni and friends over the years. These donors felt they needed their capital during their lifetimes, but found it possible to associate themselves forever with Sandburg. These bequests, no matter how modest, have been welcome and very important to the Foundation. You may wish to make a substantial gift to the Sandburg Foundation but feel you cannot afford to give up the annual income produced by the assets. There are several life-income programs that can assist you making such a gift, while retaining an income for your lifetime. The benefits to you vary, but all arrangements have attractive features such as:

  • income for life paid to you and/or another beneficiary, such as your spouse or another family member
  • an immediate federal income tax deduction for a portion of the value of the gift
  • elimination of capital gains tax at the item of transfer if the asset is in the form of securities or real-estate that have appreciated in value.


Deferred gifts to the Sandburg Foundation are recognized by the Sandburg Heritage Society.


In the end, the only important question will be, What difference did our lives make?
...We have a unique opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others.
from The Servant by James C. Hunter


If you would like more information about any type of deferred giving, we suggest consulting with your financial and/or legal counsel.