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Giving to Carl Sandburg College

Giving To Carl Sandburg College


"Nothing happens unless first a dream." - Carl Sandburg


Charitable gifts reward donors in many ways. There is the satisfaction of supporting an important cause, the excitement of seeing your gift lead to positive change, and in many cases, tangible financial benefits to you and/or another beneficiary, through tax advantages.


There are two classifications of gifts that can be given to the Carl Sandburg College Foundation:

  • Restricted gifts stipulate a specific use, such as student scholarships, specialized program needs, equipment and teaching resources, or general support.
  • Unrestricted gifts are not limited by the donor and enable the Foundation to support any projects considered to be of greatest importance at any given time, or meet any of the goals outlined by the Board.


Both restricted and unrestricted gifts help the College and they can be made through a variety of means. Here are just a few options:

  • Cash, preferably in the form of a check payable to the Foundation, has the most immediate impact. Larger commitments can take the form of multi-year pledges.
  • Stocks, an increasingly popular form of giving, include appreciated securities.
  • Personal property, real estate, gifts-in-kind, and/or equipment are counted at their fair market value.
  • Corporate matching gifts can double or triple the value of your gift.
  • Deferred gifts may be designated for specific or unrestricted purposes. This category includes bequests, life insurance policies, life income gifts, and trusts administered by others.


The Carl Sandburg College Foundation welcomes your gifts and will provide appropriate written confirmation as required by the tax laws.