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                 Carl Sandburg College Alumni Spotlight


Photo of Dakota Williams '15


                                                                     Dakota Williams '15                                                       

                                                     Cisco Network Associate Certificate

                                            Current program of study: Associate in Science





What was your reasoning for choosing Carl Sandburg College?

Well who can turn down free college? It was very affordable and it was close to home.


What are you looking forward to the most about your newly shaped future?

I'm looking forward to expanding my education even more. I also see myself using the many connections I've made through Sandburg to get a good job.


What was your biggest challenge as a student and how did you get through it?

The biggest challenges were definitely early classes. That and my severe procrastination. Procrastinating hurts in college.


What is your favorite memory at Carl Sandburg College?

Definitely the things that are put on in the B building and Fall Bash. In particular, there was a musician that could play over 500 different popular songs by himself using his guitar and pedals.


Is there something you wish you would have gotten more involved with on campus?

Although I was involved in some things, I wish I could have gotten involved with PTK or the foreign exchange programs.




Carl Sandburg College Foundation

Founded in 1969, Carl Sandburg College Foundation is an Illinois non-for-profit corporation organized exclusively for educational purposes to assist in developing and augmenting the College's facilities and carrying out the educational functions of Illinois Community College District 518.  Contributions to the Foundation expand and enhance Sandburg's programs, support students through scholarships and crisis loans/grants, and provide for the capital needs of Carl Sandburg College.

The Department of the Treasury has determined Carl Sandburg College to be exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).