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What’s Next

What’s Next


Steps to a successful semester at Sandburg!

  • Attend class regularly - Come prepared with the necessary materials.
  • Keep and follow your class syllabus - Be aware of important class dates plus attendance and grade policies.
  • Be aware of classroom etiquette - Understand how your instructor expects you to behave in the class. Turn off your cell phone. Ask in advance about using a laptop in class.
  • Communicate and participate in class discussions.  Ask questions if you do not understand the material. Instructors and staff cannot help you if they are unaware you are having problems.
  • Get organized - An academic calendar or planner is an inexpensive investment to track important dates, plan study time and personal responsibilities. A backpack or book bag keeps your class materials in one place.
  • Develop good study habits - know your most productive time to study. Plan study time and have a regular place to study. Remember grades are earned, not given.
  • Use your Sandburg resources - such as the Library, walk-in Writing and Math labs, computers, assisting services for those meeting qualifications, financial aid, scholarships, etc. If you do not know where these resources are located - ask!
  • Manage your time - Plan enough time to take care of yourself, meet personal responsibilities and achieve your academic goals.


Beginning a new semester can raise questions and one's anxiety level.  There is no such thing as a "dumb question."  If you have questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Student Services, which is located in building E, room 100.  Sandburg offers many services to assist services in achieving their academic goals.  We won't know that you need assistance unless you ask.  So please ask!


The following is valuable information about the many Resources for Academic Success available to you as a Carl Sandburg College student:


Academic Support Services:  walk-in Writing, Math and homework labs staffed with professional and peer tutors for all students; assisting services and accommodations for students with documented disabilities.
Office: B72
Phone: (309) 341-5454


Library:  student computers, inter-library loans, books, periodicals, audiovisual media, research databases, career and job seeking skills materials and research assistance.
Office: (309) 341-5257


Technology Help Desk (Academic Computing Resources): assists students with email and technology problems. Contact immediately if you are having technology problems.
Located in the Library
Phone: (309) 341-5446


Advising, Personal & Career Counseling, Veteran's Advising
Office: E100
Appointment Phone: (309) 341-5237


Retention Specialist: assists students with academic problems, advises methods for academic recovery.
Office: E100
Phone: (309) 341-5237


Employment Resources:  off campus job listings, on-campus work study listing, assistance with job search prep (resumes, cover letters, interviewing), labor market information and job search workshops.
Office: B08
Phone: (309) 341-5246