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Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone participate in TRIO SSS?
No. You must meet the eligibility criteria of being a US citizen or permanent resident, a first-generation college student, income-eligible and plan on transferring to a university to obtain a bachelor’s degree after graduating from Sandburg. You must file an application and complete an interview to be accepted into the program.


Why should I become a TRIO SSS student?
The TRIO SSS program provides support and guidance to assist you in being successful at Sandburg and transferring to a four-year college or university. TRIO SSS students receive personalized support and opportunities not available to other students on campus.


If I join TRIO SSS, what am I required to do?
Our students are expected to have frequent contact with the program (minimum of 4 contacts each semester) and are expected to take full advantage of program services. The more our students are involved with the program, the more benefits they receive.


How much of my time will this take?
That is up to you. Our program services are flexible and can be scheduled on an individual basis. Our staff are available via phone and email or just stop by the office.


If I join the program, who is my Academic Advisor?
You will meet with the TRIO SSS Advisor for all your advising needs. You will receive assistance registering for classes, changing your schedule, planning your degree, and much more…the TRIO SSS Advisor is here to help you.


Does it cost me anything to join the program?
No, our services are paid for through a grant from the US Department of Education.


Who do I contact if I have questions?
All TRIO SSS staff are available to answer your questions. You may call the office at (309) 341-5362 or stop by the TRIO Office in E136.