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Faculty Mentoring Program

Faculty Mentoring Program


History (click here to open the History document)


New Faculty Mentoring Video

Adjunct Faculty Mentoring Video

Mutual Mentoring Video


Committee Responsibility


Committee Overview:


The Carl Sandburg College mentoring program, run by the Faculty Growth and Assessment Committee of the Faculty Assembly, provides one-on-one faculty mentors for all new full-time faculty and most new adjunct faculty, assigns mentors to adjunct faculty who request one, and pairs off tenured faculty interested in mutual mentoring, often with an emphasis in a particular subject area. This location is intended to provide interested parties both on and off campus with information on how it all works, including the email link at the top through which we encourage visitors to either ask further questions or make suggestions. (The mentoring process here is still evolving, and new ideas, wherever they come from, are always welcome.)


Included in the sections below are a brief history of how the process was put together, the guidelines the FGA committee works under in selecting mentors and overseeing the process, and a section on each of the three kinds of mentoring. For each of the three kinds, a video of two faculty discussing their mentoring experience is provided, along with the rules governing each kind and an excerpt detailing committee responsibility for overseeing each. Since some of this information is the same for new and adjunct, they are grouped together.


The last section is a look at where the program is moving next that also gives insight as to what has worked well and what still needs work (see “Second Ad Hoc Mentoring Committee”). Overall, the program has proved beneficial. It was intended to make it easier for new faculty to acclimatize to the college, increase teaching excellence, and strengthen ties across among faculty; one additional advantage of the program seems to be an increase in informal mentoring among those involved.


New and Adjunct Mentoring


New Mentoring Guidelines


Adjunct Mentoring Guidelines


New Adjunct Report Form


Confidentiality Agreement



Mutual Mentoring


Mentoring Volunteer Subjects


Mutual Mentoring Confidentiality Statement


Mutual Mentoring Report Form


Mutual Mentoring Guidelines


Future Plans


AD Hoc Mentoring Committee, Version 2