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Instructional Resources

Instructional Resources


Availability of Instructional Resources and Information Technology


Carl Sandburg College uses a wide variety technology tools and resources to help students in their learning process. These resources include wireless access, computer labs, laptop loans, the student
portal- mySANDBURG, WebAdvisor, and student e-mail account. Faculty uses several technology tools including iClickers, Blackboard, iTunes University and PowerPoint to engage students in the classroom.
The Help Desk is located in the College library. The instructional Technology Committee is an  institutional committee consisting of faculty, staff, administrators and students and meets monthly in
order to make decisions about technology resources that students need.


All Carl Sandburg College campuses are wireless enabled. Wireless access is authenticated by a secure gateway that allows access to appropriate resources based on the username and password. The student
portal, mySANDBURG, allows students to access their e-mail, Blackboard, WebAdvisor and all personalized services. WebAdvisor, housed within mySANDBURG, allows students to perform a
number of student services functions without coming to campus. Important news and announcements will also be communicated to students through this portal.


The College uses SolarWinds and NetMon to monitor networks and servers across the College district. Real time reports from these systems allow the network team to monitor routine as well as suspicious
network activity. Offline reports from these systems help the College with resource allocation planning. These monitoring tools also help us with measuring student use of computers in labs, classrooms, open
areas, and the library.


The resources of the three Carl Sandburg College libraries include print, audio-visual materials, and online computer databases. The print collection has about 35,000 items in Galesburg, 8,000 items in
Carthage, and 1,000 items in Bushnell. The non-print collection includes audio and video instructional media used by faculty and students on the curriculum areas the college offers classes and programs. The
online databases we provide to students and faculty are accessible to patrons on and off campus.


Carl Sandburg College Library usage data is collected in several ways. An automated online catalog system called I-Share counts circulation totals by campus. Data is gleaned on Library of Congress
classification areas to see which topics are the most circulated. An electronic gate counter at the Galesburg campus records on a website attendance by the hour and day of the week. We also monitor
interlibrary loan activity to determine usage of the OCLC and CARLI consortiums for exchange of library resources between other sites. Carl Sandburg College databases have reporting systems of use and a list
of topics that have been researched by our patrons. Data is also collected on library instruction sessions on patron usage. The library reports the data every year to the state library and to the national library
database collection agency called the Association of College and Research Libraries.


Additionally, the library has another instrument of measurement of student use. Each semester “works cited” pages from student term papers are checked to see what percentage of the sources students report
were obtained from items in our library. Since the students have had a library instruction section that present to them the sources available in our library, we measure to see how affective these instructional
sessions were in the end products the students produce. This process of monitoring the “works cited” is the libraries Classroom Assessment Technique (CATS) we report to the Illinois Community College
board in our program review.