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Institutional Profile

Institutional Profile

Currently or Previously Affiliated Institutions - 05/16/2011


Information provided on the Statement of Affiliation Status reflects the most recent actions of the Commission. The Commission has a multi-level decision process. Any institutional changes that are currently under review are not made public until final action has been taken.


Carl Sandburg College

2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd.
Galesburg, IL 61401


Chief Executive Officer:  Dr. Lori L. Sundberg, President
HLC Institution ID: 1074
Current Accreditation Status: Accredited
Candidacy Date(s): 1972*


Pre-accreditation notes: Pre-accreditation status: Federal Fund Eligibility Approval (1967); Recognized Candidate for Accreditation (1972); Candidate for Accreditation under new policy(1973)


Accreditation Date(s): (1974- .)
Commission Participation: PEAQ PARTICIPANT


Year of Last PEAQ Comprehensive Evaluation: 2010 - 2011
Year of Next PEAQ Comprehensive Evaluation: 2020 - 2021


Last Action: 05/16/2011


Legal Status: Public
Degrees Awarded (details below): A



Stipulations on Affiliation Status:


Out of state programs are limited to contractual relationships with Southeastern Community College (IA).


Approval of New Degree Locations:


Prior Commission approval required.


Approval of Distance and Correspondence Courses and Programs:


New Commission policy on institutional change became effective July 1, 2010. Some aspects of the change processes affecting distance delivered courses and programs are still being finalized. This entry will be updated in 2011 to reflect current policy. In the meantime, see the Commission's Web site for information on seeking approval of distance education courses and programs.

Reports Required: 
Progress Report: 12/15/2012; A report on assessment of program and general education learning outcomes.


Other Visits Scheduled:


Additional Location Confirmation: 2011 - 2012; Visit the Annex additional location in Galesburg, IL within 6 months.

 Enrollment Headcount (last updated: 05/02/2011)



1258 1280


0 0

Dual enrollment (high school) programs: 282



Degree Programs (last updated: 05/02/2011)
  Programs Offered Degrees Awarded in Last Reported Year
Associate Degrees 59 238
Bachelors Degrees 0 0
Masters Degrees 0 0
Specialist Degrees 0 0
First Professional Degrees 0 0
Doctoral Degrees 0 0
Certificate Programs (last updated: 05/02/2011)
  Programs Offered Certificates Awarded in Last Reported Year
Certificates 53 152


Off-Campus Activities (last updated: 05/16/2011) Click here for definitions...
In-State: Campuses: Bushnell (The Extension Center) ; Carthage (The Branch Campus)
  Additional Locations: Galesburg (The Annex)
  Course Locations: None
Out-of-State: Campuses: None
  Additional Locations: None
  Course Locations: West Burlington, IA (Southeastern Community College)
Out-of-U.S.: Campuses: None
  Additional Locations: None
  Course Locations: None


Distance Learning (last updated: 05/02/2011)


Distance Ed
Associate - 11.0901 Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications (Computer Networking Specialist) (Internet)
Certificate - 11.1002 System, Networking, and LAN/WAN Management/Manager (CISCO Network Associate) (Internet)
Certificate - 52.0401 Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science, General (Administrative Office Assistant) (Internet)
Certificate - 52.1201 Management Information Systems, General (Computer Technician) (Interactive TV or video)


Correspondence Ed